Every house is changing to uPVC Doors and Windows

Why Is Every House Switching to uPVC Doors and Windows?

The uPVC door and window offer undeniable aesthetic advantages, adapting with discretion to all architectures. One of the greatest strengths of uPVC is, this material does not suffer the effects of time. Very resistant, it is rarely subject to wear and requires very little maintenance, if at all. Without electrostatic effect, uPVC does not retain dust and does not get dirty, which means no intense washing. To clean it, it is generally enough to wipe it lightly with a sponge soaked in soap and that’s it!

Now, lets break down this concept and get into details as to why the world today is talking about this amazing option for their doors and windows.

The advantages of uPVC windows and doors

  1. Extremely energy efficient

    The frame of a window plays a decisive role for an efficient insulation in energy and costs. In comparison withuPVC Doors and Windows - Extremely efficient , high quality, durable and ecological. aluminum or wood windows, uPVC window profiles have better insulation values ​​and thus reduce energy and heating costs. A particularly high saving potential with uPVC window frames is obtained with flats or individual houses. These home windows can be made nowadays with modern uPVC profiles and triple glazing that are currently selling very efficiently for its economic pricing and makes perfect sense when you buy home windows.

  2. uPVC windows prices / quality ratio

    uPVC windows and doors offer significant cost benefits for both purchase and the entire life cycle. The price of wood frames is about 20-30% higher than uPVC profiles, while aluminum windows are even more expensive alternative with an added value of another 30%. Thanks to the great potential for energy savings and the almost maintenance-free life of more than 50 years, there is the possibility of saving costs even in the long term when you buy uPVC windows.

  3. uPVC solutions are easy to maintain

    High quality uPVC windows are extremely easy to maintain and require little maintenance. On the other hand, wooden windows for example, must be treated every two years and varnished every 5 years. Modern uPVC granules, on the other hand, are extremely resistant to weather and light. When cleaning window frames, a simple solution of washing-up liquid is sufficient, since the smooth surfaces of the profiles make maintenance easier.

  4. uPVC windows are particularly durable

    Unlike wooden windows, uPVC windows offer a very long life. The high-quality windows are convincing for their torsion resistance and excellent functionality for many years. Due to their long service life of at least 50 years, uPVC windows represent an exemplary investment, also to maintain the value of real estate.

  5. uPVC windows have an exemplary ecological record

    uPVC windows are 100% recyclable and thus protect resources. 40% of all global gas and oil reserves are used for heating and energy supply of buildings, only 4% are used for the production of plastics of which only 1% for UPVC. In addition to recycling, the long service life and the low loads in the production of uPVC profiles also contribute to an excellent ecological balance sheet and therefore to environmental protection. uPVC windows are significantly more durable than wood windows and have a much lower energy consumption during production.

    The uPVC windows sector has freely engaged with recycling initiative for “sustainable developments” and pursues the goal of recycling as much as possible 100 percent of old windows, door frames and shutters. The uPVC contained in it is turned into pellets and can be recycled at least seven times. It is also thanks to a voluntary self-commitment that the uPVC compound can be manufactured by 2015 only with environmentally friendly stabilizers. Enliven already exclusively produces profiles with lead-free stabilizers


Enliven uPVC is an in-alterable material. Robust, it can withstand any external aggression such as weather, the violence of the climate (extreme heat, harsh drought, violent rains, saline atmosphere, low temperature and even shocks! uPVC can undergo everything without distorting or losing its original color.

In other words, if you choose a uPVC window door, you will get your money’s worth, because you will not have to change door window during the 10 or even for the next 20 years.