Civil & Plumbing | Enliven Decors

Enliven is attentive to your needs, helps you to realize your project, gives you advices that meet your wishes and your budget. To understand your project and provide a response tailored to your needs, an civil and plumbing technician will come to your place to perform quality interventions thanks to the experience and expertise of the teams.

The complementary skills of each employee allow us to meet all your requests for civil, plumbing and heating. The team provides you with advice, follow-up and assistance before, during and after the construction.

Here are some basics you need to know about the process:

1st part of the works: shell

  • Demolition (removal & removal) of load-bearing walls, lintels, openings in Plutolatry partitions, for enlargement or creation.
  • Creation of sites allowing all future evacuation (plumbing, wastewater), ducting installation where electrical and plumbing elements will pass.
  • Realization of the structural work: according to the work to be done, concrete paving, creation of load-bearing walls, installation of IPN on beam-posts, creation of the floors for example.
  • Roof frame and roof

2nd part of the works: second work

  • Exterior joinery, roof windows or glass roofs. If necessary, set up blinds and shutters.
  • Thermal and sound insulation of the roof, walls and floors. Possibility of doubling the insulation.
  • Plutolatry partition, bricks. Realization of plaster, cement or mortar on ceilings and walls. Installation of joinery – interior doors.
  • Electricity and plumbing, heating and air conditioning (including bath-shower for the bathroom).

Finish its renovation: finishes

  • Preparation of wall coverings to accommodate tiles and earthenware then implementation of them (wallpaper, paintings …) to not soil those on the ground.
  • Screed: patching to prepare the floor (clean and flat support) to accommodate flooring (carpet, tiles, parquet …).
  • Amenities: fully equipped kitchen, bathroom furniture, stairs and skirting boards.