Conceptual Design

Enliven’s architectural design allows to shape one or more rooms of a house and to make them functional, warm, welcoming. With an interior design, you transform your environment to create a place where life is good, an atmosphere that looks like you where you want to spend time alone, with friends and family.

Our interior designers are endowed with a great expertise in renovation projects that involve architectural modifications. Move a load-bearing wall, create an open area or review the configuration of a room, they are able to assess not only aesthetically, but also structurally, the feasibility of your ideas. They will advise you on the best choices to meet your needs and offer you products tailored to your needs and especially your budget.

Renovate your home is a matter of heart. We understand how attached you are to your home. Whether it’s a family home, an inheritance, a century-old home or simply a property you love and where you want to live comfortably for many years, we are qualified to help you achieve this ambitious project.
One place, all services for your home to be renovated from A to Z without any hassle! Regardless of the project, kitchen or bathroom renovation, expansion, our Enliven team of interior designers is always dedicated to creating unique sets for your image. Meet them!