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Do you have a house renovation project? You want to rethink the layout of rooms or review the insulation, change your heating and put the networks to electrical standards? Or just imagine a new interior design: express your tastes and desires. Doing home renovations is not something you do every day. This is the time to make the right choices. Renovating a house is often a new stage in life: the family gets bigger, the children leave the nest, the purchase of a new property … The rehabilitation of a house is essential.

Renovating a house: orchestrating its renovation

Renovation of houses accompanied by a master builder can sweep the architectural, technical, thermal and decorative aspects of a project. This comprehensive approach is the guarantee of a successful renovation whatever the type of property: renovation of barn, renovation of a stone house, apartment renovation, … These projects are also very good with extensions, elevations of house or traditional constructions. We integrate the constraints of the code of town planning, thermal regulation and the existing construction mode to imagine a custom renovation.

Renovate your home alone: ​​it’s complicated

How to renovate a house? Restoring a house by yourself is an ambitious project. You take the risk of taking on a lot of responsibilities and transforming yourself into a construction site manager, construction manager, architect, plumber … It’s obvious, the work is stressful for you and your entourage … Home catering is complicated. And renovating your home cheaply, without the help of professionals can sometimes be dangerous. Give us your home to renovate, choose our expertise, and give yourself the insurance of a well-done site. We give you the opportunity to focus on the essentials and calmly design your project!