Wall Decor – Let your Wall Reflect your Tastes

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“Let your wall reflect your tastes”

When creating your wall decor, you will find that you have a very wide choice of formats and materials. This choice depends in part on your personal taste; do you prefer bright or neutral colors? Taste differences can also be seen in the material finish: some will prefer a gloss finish while others will prefer a matte finish.


To create a wall of paintings, it is advisable to draw a plan before driving the first nail into the wall. Do you want a chalkboard wall in a certain color palette or around a certain theme? Should your wall of paintings be elegant and timeless or do you want to create an expressive composition with a lot of contrasts? If you have posters with a monochrome theme or the same artistic motif, one trick is to use different color and material frames to create contrasts. However, to create an impression of harmony between different types of paintings, do the opposite – choose frames of similar colors and styles to create a balance.

Once the pattern is chosen, you can start planning how the paintings will be arranged on the wall. Arrange the tables on the floor and test different combinations until you find a satisfactory shape. It is not always necessary to drill holes in the wall to create an expressive wall of paintings; You can also place a table on a piece of furniture and tilt it against the wall, use a chalkboard shelf or a poster clip.

There are more than enough ideas out there, and that’s why Enliven is here to help you. Call us today to get the best home décor done!