Casement Doors

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Which material to choose for a door? Aluminum, steel, glass, wood or PVC? Opt for uPVC Casement doors as they are without hesitation the best choice for your home. But why are they better than other doors? Here are their advantages.

1. Anti-burglary and insulating doors

uPVC doors are very good insulators. They offer better insulation than aluminum doors. Wooden doors also insulate very well but require much more maintenance. These do not always go well with modern interiors, while uPVC doors are suitable for modern and rural homes. In addition, the Enliven PVC doors are burglar resistant doors, reinforced with galvanized steel.

2. Easy to maintain

Not only is uPVC a perfect insulator, but it is also easy to maintain, which is not the case with wooden doors. Every year, they need a coat of paint! Painting wooden doors can flake off and eventually cause a mold in the door. PVC doors are resistant to dirt and dust. Are your doors still dirty? Clean them with the same detergent as your windows. You will not need specific products.

3. Casement doors: a durable and cheap choice

PVC is more financially attractive than wood or aluminum. PVC raw materials are much cheaper than the rest. The main material of PVC is sodium chloride, better known as salt, which is found largely in our oceans. In addition, PVC is durable because it is 100% recyclable.

4. Many possible finishes

uPVC doors are available in several colors. Do you prefer wooden doors? No problem, since there are doors PVC wood relief. In this way, you enjoy the warmth of wood while enjoying the benefits of uPVC.