Sliding Doors

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Enliven Sliding Doors are thermally efficient, extremely weather-resistant, secure and slim. We also offer direct fix frames and contemporary designs. Our sliding doors have low thresholds, square frames, and clean edges. Even though they are slim, these doors are strong. Our doors offer greater flexibility than old patio doors. Double and triple track doors are also available. Multiple tracks allow the doors to slide in more than one direction. You can even stack the panels together or keep them separate.

Enliven Sliding Doors are easy to operate and open up easily with little effort. Even our heaviest and biggest doors are remarkably light. Our running gear and sophisticated rollers make this operation a breeze. You can build your own extension to ensure that the door totally slides into the wall. The door disappears, allowing crystal clear views with a low threshold. Enliven never compromises on security. Our locking system has been tried and tested time and again to ensure you are always secure.