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Clear Glass

This is the most widely used glass which provides a clear view to outside as well as inside. Clear glass is a multipurpose glass available in wide range of 5mm 6mm 8mm thickness.

Privacy Glass

Its is used when visual privacy is required while admitting light. Usually recommended to be used in double glazing (DG) format , Frosted glass has the effect of rendering the glass semiopaque thus blurring images while still transmitting light.

Tinted GLass

Light transmission of glass reduces depending upon tinting.Tinted or light-colored glasses add aesthetic appeal to the house and cut direct glare of sunlight providing a “consolatory feel”.

Reflective Glass

These glasses cut substantial light and heat and are recommended to be used in double glazing (DG) format. Reflective glass is glass that has been treated with advanced coatings to reflect heat and radiation from sunlight while allowing the natural light to come in.

Laminated Glass

These glasses are Used most commonly when safety is paramount. When broken, the glass pieces tend to adhere to plastic (PVB) layer. Laminated glass consists of two or more glass permanently bonded together with one or multiple layer of polyvinylbutyral (PVB).

Single Glass

As the name suggest, Single Glazing includes only one layer of glass.

Double Glass

These glasses are filled with insulating air / gas between the two layers of glass improve the thermal performance of the unit. Double glass refers to two glass sealed around the edges with an air space between the two to form a single unit.