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If you want a window which is a combination of windows, using the uPVC framework, you have Combination uPVC windows. They add a new look and feel, a stylish twist to your home. They have a contemporary appeal and are highly flexible. Choose from various styles. You may have two similar or different types of windows. There may be a combination of slider, casement, and fixed single windows. Naturally, these types of windows allow maximum light to shine through. With Combination uPVC windows, you are always in control.

The windows are integrated into a single, sturdy frame that provides unmatched durability and flawless integration. These windows come with interchangeable/removable “glass and screen” sections. Be it winter or summer, Combination uPVC windows never let you down. Available in various stylish designs and sizes, these windows are capable of completely transforming the look and feel of your home. The windows are steel reinforced to make them extra strong.

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