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Sliding uPVC windows are perfect for those spaces where you do not want your window to be protruding. Save space by installing this particular type of window. These generally have one or two window sashes that slide horizontally within the frame. They are very easy to operate and are quite versatile. All you need is a gentle push to open the windows. To deliver the best panoramic views, sliding uPVC windows have rollers at the bottom. Give your home a fresh upgrade. These windows are a favourite choice for many as they offer a visually enjoyable effect.

Perfect for walkways, decks, terraces, balconies, and numerous other indoor applications, the sliding uPVC windows enjoy a long life. They are totally soundproof and also termite-resistant. Stylish. Sturdy. Strong. uPVC Sliding windows are appropriate for all weathers. One can add sashes to make the windows taller and wider. Choose between two, three or multi-track shutters. You also have the option to choose a dust & moisture-proof wire mesh shutter with a modern lock-up system. The shutters don’t choke.

The easy sliding of these uPVC windows is permitted by the multiple screw points. The windows are perfectly-suited for both residential as well as commercial spaces.

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